Sunday, 4 September 2011

Just An Update

Yep I have made a few changes around here over the last few days, one of the biggest is getting rid of the Google+ feed from over there on the right. I had noticed that the feed wasn't updating, when I went to the website that was supplying the feed there was a note saying the Google had changed its price plan so the service could no longer be free... Bugger looks like I am going to have to wait for Google + to release the feed.

Other changes apart from the theme is the Flavicon (the little picture up there in the right corner of the tab) I have been trying to come up with one for my blog. I have found a couple that I like but for what ever reason they are not updating.

At the moment I am working on getting rid of the masses of categories (Blogger Labels) that I seem to have brought with me from Wordpress, there are hundreds of them. 

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