Thursday, 21 July 2011

Why Google+?

All righty so some of you might be thinking "What is Google+ and what can it do that Facebook and Twitter can't do?"

One of the guys in my circles posted this table a few days ago which shows "some" of the things you can do on G+.

As you can see G+ uses the best bits from both of the major social network players we have today. What this table does not show you is some of the added features that you wont find on other networks such as the ability to edit your updates and comments so you don't have to delete your update or comment and re-post it when the predictive text gremlin strikes.

The table is also missing the "Local" feature where you can see any updates that people who are local to you are making, I have to admit I'm not sure what distance "Local" covers but I am seeing posts as close as just up the road to about 30-40 miles away.

To end this post I feel I should mention once again that Google+ has not yet been officially launched so there is much more to come.

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