Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Looks "Can" Be Deceiving.

Righty Oh. My Domain is back where it should be,  old posts (pre-deletion) have been archived, My gallery has been created, Facebook page? Yep, check and Network Blogs is up to date.. Now to post something... aaand everything grinds to a halt, or so I thought until my eldest son comes into the room and puts a cup of coffee next to my keyboard saying:

"Here you are Dad, I made you a coffee"

 Erm.. Thanks son.

I'm looking at it now as it quietly steams next to me, do I drink it? Dare I put it close to my face let alone bare skin without the necessary protective equipment in place.

The cup does not usually look like this, it was clean about an hour ago, trust me on this I know, it was clean because I washed the dishes and my Animal cup was among them.

I think its going to be a back to the classroom for more coffee creation lessons. Dont get me wrong he does make a good cup of coffee, just the way I like it but this one is worrying me as it quietly sits, waiting, waiting as it plans what will happen to me.

there are few things in life that truly scare me but I have to admit that what sits in my Animal cup and what ever it is that is taking form on the out side of my cup is starting to scare me, not totally OMG! Freak out and run away screaming only to fall over like they do in the movies scared but unnerved just enough to make my think about the consequences.

OK, here we go. I'm gonna do it, don't try to stop me... Well I have to admit that, given what it looks like it is a good cup of coffee, looks like coffee class can be cancelled.

Thanks son.

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