Saturday, 23 July 2011

Britney Spears Lawsuit.

Eww, late nights and early mornings do not go well together at all, and no I was not out partying, we had a bad night with our daughter who thought it would be fun not to settle until 1:00 am this morning then get up again at 3:15 to check everyone was still there and finally start her day at 6:22 am. *Yawn*

Moving on, no your eyes are not broken and no the colour in your monitor is not on the fritz I have changed the theme of my blog. Of late I have started to think that the last theme was a bit dark so I changed it.

Anyway I didn't click the "Add new post" to tell you all of our bad night and the change of theme. Today I want to talk about Britney Spears or rather her former body-guard Fernando Flores who is suing her to the sum of $7 million for what he claims are psychological damages. Part of the lawsuit claims that Ms Spears made unwanted repeated sexual advances on him last year which is far enough but part of the suit says that Ms Spears picks her nose and farts without apologizing!

I'm laughing here, only in America. I'm sorry but since when has it been a crime to do a bum burp or to go booger mining during a quiet moment? If this was the case then our prisons would be over crowded to the point of having to stand shoulder to shoulder with other hardened criminals who were serving time for crimes against society such as wearing bright socks or not blending your foundation correctly so that it looks like it stops just below your chin.

It is also claimed that Ms Spears Swore, did not take regular baths or brush her teeth or do her hair. At times this menace to society was even seen in public with no shoes or socks on, The Bastard! How could she?

Look Mr. Flores at the end of the day you were in the employment of Britney Spears as her body-guard, it was your job to make sure she was in no danger at any time and that is it. If she came on to you deal with it, yeah  you could take her to court for sexual harassment but not because she is a normal person who is not a perfect "Valley Girl" who is only interested in how she looks and being popular.

There for it is the recommendation of this
  blog that Mr Fernando Flores get over himself and drop this dumb law suit. I mean, come on $7 million? Are you not just being a bit of a gold digger? Well?

It is also recommended that the plaintive Mr Flores avoid any areas where any type of building or construction is taking place as this will probably cause him to have a girly faint. Oh and just as a side not to anyone who may be thinking of employing the a fore mentioned body-guard, it is recommended that you as the employer do not fart, pick your nose, swear or smell. You should brush your teeth and do your hair, make sure you wear socks and shoes (at all times) and only wear the latest cat walk fashions. If you fail in any of the above you to could be looking at a stupidly big lawsuit.

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