Thursday, 2 June 2011

Detox Day 4 (and stuff)

Its day four of my detox and exactly one week today since I stopped smoking and how do I feel? If I am honest I could kill a cheese sandwich and a coffee, well a cheese sandwich anyway. I'm starting to get used to drinking water now, even have a bottle of it on my desk next to me where there used to stand a mug of coffee. As for the cigarettes, I have my gum so that's not too bad in fact I have not even thought of wanting one.

On day 2 of my detox it felt like I was spending more time going to and from the toilet than anything else (like you needed to know that). I had a head ache for most of that day as well which I'm putting down to lack of caffeine.  The head aches came and went for most of yesterday as well, in fact I have a big of one now if I`m honest, but then I used to drink around five to six cups of the stuff a day. Dont get me wrong I'm not going to stop drinking coffee, once my detox is over I am still going to have a cup in the morning maybe one more through the day but that will be it. As for Decaf, nooo don't even go there.

One of the hardest parts is when I am making something for my kids to eat and not taking a little bit for my self especially when I am making the eldest his bacon sandwiches in th morning, but I am getting there.

The detox is due to end on Sunday of this week which gives me the rest of today, Friday and Saturday. After that I still plan to eat healthily with a take away maybe once a month as a treat but that is all, coffee like I said once maybe two times a day and as for cigarettes, well lets just get through today shall we.

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