Saturday, 25 June 2011

Being Powerless

Why I am committing today to the blogsphere is beyond me as this day should surely be forgotten as soon as possible yet I am continuing to type.

This morning and afternoon had its moments, most should and probably will be forgotten about. This evening however just topped today off big time as I came back to the House of Jim with the Eldest to find that the electric in the house had tripped and wouldn't turn back on. Everything in the house was turned off and unplugged, everything. Once we had the power back on we would turn one appliance on to see what happened (a vain attempt to track down the problem).

1st we tried the sockets in the loft and found the problem almost right away (yay), so we made sure everything was out of "problem socket" and tried again.

*Trip... Pop* and everything went off again, we must have went through everything electrical in the house, the problem seemed to be everywhere. We had no option but to call the electrician as we braced our selves for a huge call out fee.

Mr Electrician man turned up 5 minutes after he said he would be here and said " Hi I'm the electrician, so whats the problem your having with your electricity?"

To which I replied "We don't have any..."

After about 20 minutes or so the boys were climbing the walls with the lack of Technology and TV, Mr Electrician man popped his head round the door and quietly told us he thought he had found the problem. It seemed that the wiring in the out house had managed to probably get some damp in it, he said that he had taken the wires from the outhouse out of the fuse box and everything seemed to work now (which is how I'm typing this now) :)

Only thing we need to do now is figure out whether we leave the wiring in the outhouse to dry so we can carry on as normal which could take a while with our typical British summer, or we can have all the wiring in the outhouse replaced which "should" be less that £100 we are told, but the Mr Electric guy can't come out to do this for another two weeks.. Hmm choices.

Funny but I never realized just how much we rely on the stuff until tonight.

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