Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Rapture Postponed?

So you survived the Rapture did you? Well technically everyone did, you see it seems that the "Rapture" was cancelled at the last-minute when Jesus sent Rev. Harold Camping a private message on Facebook to say that he couldn't make it on Saturday, seemed he had double booked with a Dungeon run his guild had organised a few month ago on World of Warcraft, I heard that usually he wouldn't have bothered but he had been asked to be second tank.

The next Rapture date has been disgussed with Rev. Camping but has yet to be confirmed, or at least this is what a friend of a friend who knows this guy who`s sister walks the dog of this woman who knew this guy who once sent a friends request on Facebook to someone who had a name that sounded a lot like Rev. Harold Camping told me.

But wait, what if the Rapture did happen as expected, but it wasnt a your here, now you're not kind of thing, instead it is more of a drawn out process where those who God and Jesus think are kind of neat will slowly slip into non existence over a period of a few month. If this is correct then don't be too surprised if,  in a couple of months time we start to see mindless Zombie like people wondering our streets.

This theory can of course be backed up with a paragraph from the Bible which tells how at some point the dead shall be cast out of hell.
Revelations 20:13: And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their work.

Could this biblical paragraph be the aftermath of what we know as "The Rapture" if it did happen? With this in mind would it not be advisable that those of us lucky enough not to be on Gods good list started to prepare to defend our selves against the hordes of these mindless Zombies invading our streets. Are the movies we have been watching over the last how ever many years been more of a guide funded by the government to advise to what we should do in the event of an outbreak in such a way that we, the status quo will watch without there being a mass panic? Hey, you never know.

I am aware of a few  places which gives in-depth information on the Zombie , one of them is The Zombie Survival Guide , I am also aware of someone who has been working on what to do should such an outbreak occur for quite some time now, with this in mind it would be advisable to look through some of the documentation posted by Zen Assassin.

So, did Rapture really happen? I dont know and if I am honest I dont really care, Im off to play Hellgate London for a bit.


  1. Ah, Zombies - officially making The Rapture a b-grade evangelical doctrine. Just what can't they do?

    ...apart from run, talk, maintain basic personal hygiene, farm, etc...

  2. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to comment Iamfg.

    Rumor has it that they are not very good at working digital watched either. (Zombies that is).

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