Thursday, 26 May 2011

New Date Set For Rapture

As I mentioned in yesterdays post over on Its Jims  it seemed that The Rapture was cancelled at the last moment. However I have heard that Rev. Camping has said that he had got the date wrong and that The Rapture is actually going to take place in five months time, which if my maths is correct will take us to October. Although the exact date is yet to be confirmed.

If my theory is correct and Rapture is not a now your here, now your gone thing and this weekends Rapture fest did not happen then we should expect to see the Zombie types early in 2012. Confused? K, let me explain.

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I have a theory that "if" The rapture is real and actually did happen, I believe that it could be more of a drawn out process where those who God and Jesus think are kind of neat will slowly slip into non existence over a period of a few month. If this is correct then don’t be too surprised if,  in a couple of months time we start to see mindless Zombie like people wondering our streets, and if last Saturdays Rapture did happen and Rev. camping actually did get it right *cough* then October's date for "The Rapture II" would give us the second wave I predict early next year.

The Good news for you God types is, if you missed last Saturdays event you now have a chance to blow your life savings and quit your job again.

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  1. The world will end. Nothing like when Mr Camping says it will. It will likely be a Wednesday as Wednesdays have always had an odd, neither here nor there feeling about them. It I imagine would also be around tea time. Say 5pm. That would be typical as I'd be sitting in traffic wondering what I was going to have for tea.