Sunday, 8 May 2011

Lofty Excuses

Right my daughter and youngest son (son 3) are sat watching Pepper Pig, eldest is still in his pit and son 2 is at church with Mom so here we go, in my last post I quoted Martin Luthor King with regards to the death ff Bin Laden. Later I noticed that there was a few people saying that the quote in question was not made by MLK. I had been led to believe that the quote I had used came from his "I have a Dream" speech, so being the good little blogger that I am I had a look and I couldn't see the quote in the speech. So it seems I was wrong, I got it wrong sorry you lot.

Moving on, it seems to have been a bit quiet on the blog front of late with not many people updating their blogs and yes I am including me in that statement. A few weeks ago we had the builders in as some of you might know converting our loft space, making it into an extra room, the builders finished their part a few weeks ago so we have been spending just about every free moment up there filling in screw holes, painting and sanding, then painting again. 

We are just about finished now with maybe one more coat of gloss needed on the skirting boards and cupboard doors. With any luck we will get the wall paper up tomorrow and a carpet down within the next week. Once everything has been finished we will be playing musical rooms for a few days and then with any luck we will be done and we will have storage space galore.


  1. It has been kind of dead on the blogging front, eh? I'm totally guilty of that as well. Maybe it's because spring is in full bloom? People blog more during the crappy weather months (cuz what the heck else are you gonna do, right).

    Course that doesn't account for my lack of blogging. Sure it's spring here but we also have had 2 snow storms in the past 2 weeks. Hmmm...

  2. Totally agree Zen, its not just you lot over the water though, most of the people on my RSS over this end of the world haven't done much either.. Weird...

  3. I blame it on the Playstation Network being down. I dunno why but I link anything out of the ordinary to it.