Saturday, 16 April 2011

Zombies, Dumber Than We Think?

I'm a rather big horror fan, not so big that I have skulls and stuff around the house but I do like a "good" horror movie, something which I think has been lacking of late. Instead I have had to make do with the likes of True Blood, which although I am a fan seems to be turning from a more than half decent Vampire series to well, plain silly as we now have just about every mythical and some non mythical being ever created including Faeries and (rather bad and inaccurate) Wiccans. Luckey series three of True Blood finished in time for The Walking Dead, which seems a bit more true to life than a group of vampires and Werewolves chasing a ditsy faerie.

With the advent of the walking dead roaming our TV streets again questions have been raised in the house of Jim.  Inquiring minds need to know, namely my mind and my wifes. Zombies, if the story line from the Walking dead is anything to go by only part of the brain is reanimated by what ever means, how it is reanimated is dependent on the film your watching of course. My question is simple, we all know that the walking dead (not the series) all seem to follow the same lore, they follow the same routes and try to do basically the same thing they did when they were living which infers that there is some kind of residual memory available.

But I digress my question is about the eating habits of our life impaired friends. In almost every movie, book and any other media related outlet Zombies have been known for their eating habits, if you move then your dinner and that's it. Human, horse, cat what ever. Except each other.

Why is it that, if the prime function of a zombie is to feed why is it they don`t eat each other? After all there are usually loads of the scabby buggers just wondering around aimlessly all with one thing in common, to eat. So why not feed on each other? It's not like they will run away at the pace a living meal will. If a living dead has memory enough to follow its living routines and feed then surely they will understand the idea that if it moves at a slow rate it will be easier to catch and munch on.


  1. It is not the zombies that want to feed, it is the virus that has turned them into zombies that wants to reproduce. It can only do so by being passed into a non-infected human by a bite. Thus, the zombie is impelled to only attack living humans

  2. Thanks Lee but it still begs the question how a zombie/virus knows the difference between living flesh and dead.