Monday, 18 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

In case you have been living in Outer Mongolia of late you may not know that there is going to be a Royal wedding at the end of this month, if you have been living in Outer Mongolia of late all I can say is "lucky you" as the happy couple are constantly in the news with features covering how Kate Middleton is wearing her hair, her shoes, how she does her nails, etc, etc, etc and then there is the features covering all the cups, clocks, pillows and all kinds of other things you can waste your money on to celebrate the "Royal Occasion".

Some or most of the companies are closing on the day of the wedding so everybody can sit in front of their TV`s like good little subjects waving their little flags as the Royal couple walk down the aisle and then there is the months of high lights we will be forced to endure as "Royal Experts" drone on endlessly about the dress she wore, who made it and what it is made from, the flowers she carried and how the green fly on the flowers had to have a royal stamp on their butts before they were allowed to infest the royal bouquet, how Prince William wore what ever and how he messed up his lines by saying what ever and how nice it was that Prince Harry did not wear his Nazi uniform on the day *giggles*.

Yep I can honestly say that the house of Jim and the people who live there will not be waving our little flags but will be looking forward to the day when we don't have to suffer this mundane Royalist garbage any longer.

I guess by now you might have noticed that I am not a great fan of our Royal family and you would be right. Way back when history was first being written down it was accepted that you could tell how good the Royal family, the King/Queen of a country was by the state of the country and the moral of their subject. Looking at the moral of the people in the country at the moment as well as the state of the country they don't seem to be very good do they? All I will say on the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is that "I hope their marriage lasts longer than Prince Williams parents did and that he does not follow in his Fathers foot steps".

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