Wednesday, 13 April 2011

British Telecom See Sense.. Finally.

Today started as any day in Jims place does, being woken up at 6 in the morning by our youngest (thanks youngest), the boys were all up and dressed by about 7 o`clock and we set off on the school run in the same way as we do every day Eldest making his own way and yours truly taking his two little brothers to school. On my way back from dropping the boys off I was met with a most pleasing sight. The telephone box that has been the bane of our lives for countless years was being taken away.

Not the best picture I know but hey. Needless to say I stopped and asked the guy in the picture whether he was replacing the box, telling him it would be a waste of time because it would be broken again within the week. I was told that as far as they knew the box was not going to be replaced, this was it.

I'm sure I have made a post about this box at some point in the past, I probably have but can't find it and I don't want to troll through five years worth of drivel to find it.. If it is there, anyway now that the phone box from hell has been removed my wife, our kiddywinksys and my self can rest knowing that we wont be having to scatter the local kids stopping them from climbing on top of the box and back flipping into our hedge, then there was the drug deals that went on there, bits of broken phone box in our garden the list is endless.

The phone box had not been used or repaired since November 2009 I think when the local cherubs thought it would be a good idea to put fireworks into the phone and set them off to see if they could blow the box up, they failed and the phone box was left unimpaired for about a year. When BT finally got round to fixing it the local druggies left it alone for a few month, probably waiting until it started to fill with money I guess. Then on a dark and cold night they tied a chain round the phone, attaching the other end of the chain to a car and pulled the phone system out of the box. I swear it, I kid you not I was in my daughters bedroom settling her down to sleep when I heard it happen (if only I had my camera). Since then it has been left with only a chunk of wire and duck take holding it together.

The last picture up there is what we have been left with now, no phone box which means no kids hanging around on the corner, no drug deals going down where my kids are, no shouting from the local dead beats that they can't hold because they are in a public toilet phone box and they want their giro NOW! Relative peace and quiet here we come. Oh and British telecom if your thinking of putting a new phone box there, don't bother, no really it is a waste of money. Trust me.

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