Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Greggs Bakers Challenge

Following on from yesterdays post about the Battenberg cake and how it has not changed at all in over two decades I

want to ask what happened to Greggs Cheese pasties? Or for that matter Greggs pasties in general. Not even two decades ago you were guaranteed a tasty snack if you went into almost any Greggs bakers and asked the lady behind the counter for either a Cheese pasty or a Corned beef pasty, the corned beef pasty being the Daddy of pasties in its day (in my opinion). You were always guaranteed to find bits of real cheese and little bits of potato in your pastry and the corned beef pasty had real corned beef in it that you could taste once the burning sensation on your lips and tongue had died down, unless you were lucky enough to get a pasty that had been out of the ovens for half an hour or more.

I recall many a happy moment wandering through a variety of towns merrily munching on one of the above pastry delights, but... Alas it is no more, the cheese pasty which was my personal favorite being that I am part mouse or at least that is what my wife thinks, even though technically mice do not like cheese at all, it is too rich for them and gives them the squirts, hamsters to have the same problem I recall.

Anyway I digress, I had the great misfortune of consuming a cheese pasty from the above baking establishment a few weeks ago and if I am honest I would be hard pushed to say it even tasted like cheese, actually to be brutally honest it had no taste at all and my wife can back me up on that statement as she had the misfortune to subject her self to one as well, the cheese was obviously processed, powdered in all likelihood and there was no sign of potato at all. The Corned beef  from what I remember was the same, processed corned beef that did not even have the same texture as corned beef.

Come on Greggs Bakers, whats going on? I challenge you to defend your self and your once great pasty. What has happened?

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  1. I can wholeheartedly agree with your statement regarding the failure of their pasties. Now, I'm not a cheese fan, so can't really comment on anything but their corned beef ones, but they are now truly disgusting. I had one about a year ago, and it was so soggy it fell to bits while I was holding it. It almost felt like it was going to seep out of the bag. I put it down to a bad experience, and gave it a couple of weeks before I got another corned beef pasty from another Greggs (aren't we fortunate that there's at least 4 in our great little down?), and it was exactly the same. It felt like they'd injected it with water.

    I have now decided to not go back to a Greggs, unless it's an emergency. In the town centre for a bakery, may I recommend Peters? It's just along from the Greggs upstairs, and their pasties seem less of a corporate bitch, and the staff are friendly, and the prices don't seem to change every time someone farts in the shop.

    I'm not keen on Mary Lamberts, however. Their pasties are just too greasy, it's almost as if they've been fried in butter before serving.