Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Reply From Greggs the Bakers Manager

A little time back I sent an email to Greggs bakers complaining about how bad their Cheese pasties and their Corned Beef pasties had become. this morning I received an email from their Category Manager with their explanation. As I promised a while back here is their response.

Dear Jim,

Thank you for contacting us about our Pasties.  We always appreciate feedback from our customers because it gives us the opportunity to improve.

I'd also like to thank you for your patience whilst our Category Manager looked into this on your behalf.

She confirms that the recipe for our Cheese and Onion Pasty was changed in 2009 following consumer research.  At Greggs we're always keen to adjust our range in line with what our customers tell usthey want.  With this in mind we're looking to improve the recipe again, and I can confirm that this is in development at the moment.  I'd like to assure you that we do plan to consumer test before this recipe is launched in our shops.

The Category Manager also confirms that the recipe for our Corned Beef Pasties was changed in 2008.  We're also looking to improve this recipe and are beginning extensive consumer research before any changes are made.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  I hope that this hasn't affected your confidence in us, and that you'll remain one of our valued customers.

Remember to quote your call reference number F******** in any
correspondence, as this will assist us in providing you with a
quick response.

Yours sincerely

So, there you have it. They taste bad because we said we like them that way but they are reviewing their recipe (thank god). Lets hope they don't get any worse than they are now.. Not that that is possible.

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