Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Painting The World Grey

I was going to write about dreams today but got side tracked by another post at about fear of writing something that no one likes. The post took me back to something that someone I used to work with said about a year ago which nearly stopped me from blogging all together, I can't remember the conversation except for the part when she said that all I did in my blog was complain and paint the world in shades of grey. I have to admit this did shake me quite a bit. I seem to remember it took me some time before I even logged in again never mind posted something and even then I was very aware of what I was posting, I guess I still am to a certain extent. The thing is in the past five years of blogging this was the only complaint I have had and from someone I thought was a friend which is probably why I was so taken a back by her comment.

Anyway, if you want to get technical about it the world "is" grey. Everything in the world absorbs the colours of the spectrum, reflecting back at us the colours they can't absorb, these are the "colours" we can see so, no I am not painting the world grey... It already is grey.

But as Sadie Hart said, you will never know if people like your book/post unless you write it because if you don`t then you will never know, or something like that.

Well this post is shorter than I thought it would be, Im not too sure how to end this post now so I just will.

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