Thursday, 31 March 2011

Note To Me

Oook so I have spent the last half an hour or so trying to figure out what my blog is all about (other than me) by looking at the top posts over the last year or so. Judging by what you lot are searching for when you come here it seems to be either Food or Celeb stuff with the top posts being about the singer Adele Atkins, Food and a certain singers nether regions.

Much further down the list comes the posts about me and my family which has got me thinking. I wouldn't worry too much I doubt very much that Its Jims is going to turn into another blog that lives off the backs of celebrity gossip, I will leave that to Perez Hilton and as for this turning into a foody blog? Nah I'm not that good a cook although I can knock up a mean plate of chips (Fries if your American) but other than that I don't think so.

As for Travel? Unless you count nipping to the local butchers or down to Asda I'm not much of a traveler so that's out of the question and blogging about "How to have a successful blog", with an average of 20 new visitors a day I doubt I'm really qualified to write such a blog do you? And anywho with four
little monsters
children who are always on the go its rare I actually get to sit, research and write a post all in one go, so that counts Video blogging and Podcasting out I think, too noisy.

I think that Im just going to have to plod on for the moment writing random stuff about random things. As for the point of this post? There isn't one, lets put it down as a Note To Me post

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