Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Makes a Change

Some people say change is good so I have, I have had the same old theme since I first started here on Wordpress all those moons ago and I have been thinking for a while, even before I came back here that I needed a new theme and today I finally bit the bullet and changed it. Thanks to Zen Assassin`s blog who, I have to admit did influence my choice.

Gone is paw logo and the picture of yours truly from the front page and in its place is a pair of eyes I found way back when I first started blogging. I have to say that I do feel like it is a breath of fresh air to see those eyes again and has made me all excited about blogging again. Nosceres World is back from the grave once again concentrating on the environment and pagan matters, as for my forum that doesn't exist hehe fooled you, nah I'm not making one and to be honest don't intend to so don't panic. Chances are I might be adding a few new pages at some point though, I'm not sure yet.

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