Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Coming Full Circle

The Wheel has turned and I have come full circle returning to the place where I first started blogging five years and a day ago, I am starting to get used to the dashboard here at which is so different from the one I got from and then there is the tools tab which was full of different plugins that I had installed so that I could insert videos from just about any place on the net and then there was my statistics plug-in which let me see where people where in the world when they came to Its Jims.

But hey I don't miss having to figure out why parts of my blog had vanished when they were there last night and then there is was the worry that I would do something that would make my journal go off line (which I did a few times). The only thing I need to worry about now is coming up with half decent stuff to blog about, leaving the rest to the Automattic team, after all who else could handle a massive DDOS attack like the one Wordpress suffered last week which as Alexia Tsotsis from Techcrunch told us " The size of the attack is multiple Gigabits per second and tens of millions of packets per second" and come out the other end saying they have learned something new from the experience. If that was me I would probably have been a quivering wreck sat in the corner.

Moving on, the builders are due to arrive in the next half an hour to carry on converting the attic. So far they have put the flooring down, put electricity up there so we have light, power points and as of last night we have a window in our roof. I had a look out of it last night before it got dark, I could see for miles, well I could until a gust of wind blew wood dust in my eyes. Once everything is done I will be able to take some fantastic photographs of the view from the window which of course will probably end up here.

The only thing I'm not too happy about is the ladders to the attic, I don't like ladders so I'm looking like, well I don't know what I look like especially when I am trying to come down through the hatch back into the main house, still I will get used to them in time.

Thats about it for the moment, going to make myself a coffee and get some tidying up done before the builders get here. *Note to self: Make coffee before I start typing next time*

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