Monday, 14 March 2011

Are More Earth Quakes Coming? A Theory

As a pagan I pay close attention to the earth and what she is doing, maybe its the conspiracy theorist in me but I am sure there is more to these Earthquakes and weird weather patterns that meets the eye, so I have taken it upon my self to look into what is going on. But just to get everything into prospective with regards to these earthquakes I think we should first of all understand how bad the earth quakes we are getting are and how they are measured. Earth quake magnitudes are measured on The Richter Scale system, in short the Richter scale  is a logarithmic scale for measuring the energy released by an earthquake and thus its intensity. This means that for every increase of one on the Richter scale, the amount of energy released increases by a factor of 10.

Below is a chart comparing the magnitude and effects of earthquakes.

  • Less than 3.5                     Basically unable to be felt, but is recorded by seismology labs.

  • Between 3.5 and 5.4       Usually felt, but causes minimal damage.

  • Between 5.4 and 6.0      May cause slight damage to well-designed buildings, but can cause significant damage to poorly built structures over a small region.

  • Between 6.1 and 6.9       Destructive over an area up to 60 miles in diameter.

  • Between 7.0 and 7.9     Considered a major earthquake. Causes serious damage over a larger area.

  • Greater than 8.0              Very significant earthquake. Causes serious damage over an area over 100 miles in diameter.

The earth quake in New Zealand a few weeks ago measured 7.1 and the latest quake to hit Japan measured 8.9 with aftershocks around the 5.6 mark, from what I have read is the biggest quake in history. Will this be the last one? I don't think so, I have had a look at the fault lines that run around the planet and found one that has drawn my attention, I have marked the path of this fault line in white on the picture on the left, as you can see it passes through New Zealand passing round Australia and Papua New Guinea heading up and through Japan.

Could this be the cause of the earth Quakes? If I am honest I don't know, I'm not a geological expert or even amateur for that matter but it is the only line I can see that passes through or round the last two to three country's to be hit.

There are also some who think that the moon might have something to do with this, especially with a "Supermoon" coming, some experts say that is "a false association, and they say that any kind of cycle connected to natural disasters is just a coincidence" even though passed super moons have been connected to the Indonesian earthquake in 2005, and a massive flood in Australia in 1954. Source.

All I can say on that subject is that coincidence is too easy an argument to give when we all know that the phases of the moon do effect our tides coupled with the fact that on March 19 2011  the moon will be 221,567 miles away from the earth, and according one astrologer Richard Nolle this year we will be having an 'extreme super moon', going on to say that it could cause a natural disaster. Source.


  1. This is a great article Jim, and we have watched this unfirl for a weeks have we not. A couple of weeks ago I felt an extremly strong tremble, 'felt' that it was either a quake or a warning of one. I knew it was a very big one whereever, whenever it came but didnt know where, I actually felt it was Australia as I told you. Then it came in Newzealand, now Japan, and it is I beleive moving in a circle. I don't KNOW anything, I 'feel' it.

    I also feel the Moon will bring a further disaster, it has been promising it for a long time, again I don't know or understand why I get these connections and feelings, but we havnt finished yet.

  2. Yes I remember talking about this with you just after New Zealand was hit, Im convinced this is no where near over yet.