Sunday, 6 March 2011

An Email to Greggs Bakers

Last night I commented on how poor Greggs Cheese and Corned beef pasties have become, after I published the post my wife suggested I should contact Greggs directly and ask them what has happened. So I have. This is the email I have just sent to Greggs.


I would like to ask what has happened to your Cheese pasties and Corned Beef Pasties. Going back about 15-20 years ago they were full of flavor. Your Cheese pasties had real cheese in them and your corned beef pasties had real corned beef, we would travel half way across cities to sample your produce. Today these pasties are tasteless and bland, the fillings in both these products would be hard pushed to even be classed as cheese or corned beef having a texture that is more akin to a powdered or processed product. It has been said by one consumer about your corned beef pasty " it was so soggy it fell to bits while I was holding it. It almost felt like it was going to seep out of the bag".

I live in a town which has four Greggs bakers (that I am aware of) in it and the quality of your pasties is the same in all four bakers leading me to believe that this is a nationwide problem and not restricted to one store.

Have we as Greggs pasty consumers been duped as you have obviously changed the ingredients in your products in an effort to cut costs maximizing profits at the at the detriment of quality.

I would be most grateful if you could contact me and let me know why your cheese and corned beef pasties no longer contain real cheese or corned beef.

Kind Regards

James ******

I will of course let you know "if" I get a reply.

I need to thank Scribbler for his soggy pasty comment which a part of I did quote in the email.

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