Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Interview

I'm sat in a small area between three offices waiting to see a guy from the Wildlife Foundation. As you know last week I registered with the HDVA an organization which works with the voluntary sector.
Working for the WF was my first choice, my ideal job if it comes off although I have no idea what to expect but if I'm honest I don't really care, whether it's the admin side, digging water ways or sat in the middle of a field in the chucking down rain counting seals I don't care.
I have tried to get into this line of work loads of times in the past but it us not easy to do, unless you go in on a voluntary basis first so this "could" be my foot in the door do to speak.
At the moment there are no full time paid vacancies going with the WF, it is 100% voluntary but I have been told they will be taking people on sometime this year not an opportunity to miss.
Anyway I think I have just heard the down stairs door shut, this might be the guy I am waiting for.

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  1. Oh man I hope this is the opportunity for you Jim. I can't imagine the stress you're under with this lack of job time.

  2. I have another meeting with him on Monday to see what roll I can take up, its going to be either the admin of the WF or small projects manager. Can't denigh I am nervous about it.:)