Monday, 17 January 2011

Not going to school

Thinks came to a head last week when our eldest was bullied literally every day of the week, going to school, on the way home and at school. Cant you tell the season of good will is over, not that it ever got here with our house being targeted by the kids who were targeting our son. Anyway, over the weekend we decided to keep him off school until they could assure us that our son would be safe going to and from school and while there. Of course I emailed the school to tell them what we were doing and why and surprise surprise we got a phone call from the school to tell us they have had words with the kids in question and it has been sorted out. The school has asked that our son goes back to school tomorrow which we have agreed to for the moment.

Over the weekend my wife and I have started a facebook group for the parents of the victims of bullying as well as the victims them selves, a group where we can tell our stories and share strategies and the things other parents have done to help protect their kids. The group is called Parents Against Bullying and as I said is open to anyone via Facebook.

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