Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year.

Oh hello 2011, so your here are you. Well its here the new year. New years eve here was just the way I liked it, quiet. The kids were in bed and I got to see the new year in with the most important person in my life, my wife.

After watching Big Momma's house over a glass of pop and a lamb rogan josh we went outside to watch the new year come in. As 2011 entered the now obligatory fire works started, along with sirens and pretty blue flashy lights from three police vans as they haired up the road that is opposite to our house. Of course we watched to see what was going on (who wouldn't?) We were out there anyway so what the hell.

Once we got bored with the pretty blue lights and funny men in fluorescent yellow tops running around it was time for bed, and so it was, 2010 ebbed out as 2011 arrived in a blaze of blue lights and sirens. As for us? We fell asleep to the sounds of fireworks and Police helicopters.

This morning? Everything "outside" is quiet. I have had my 1st coffee of the new year, both my blogs have been updated, time to wash the dishes.

Happy New Year.

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