Saturday, 15 January 2011

A Week on Foot

Asda is all but a distant memory from well about two weeks ago, last week we could smell gas outside the house, so being the good citizens that we are I called the gas board and told them. Within about an hour a man from the gas board was out making random tests with a spiky thing he was poking in the ground. The next day two men came out and started digging up the footpath in front of the house with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth (I kid you not), seeing my wife and I stood at the door he shouted over to his mate "You put those no smoking signs in the van?"

A little while later we had a knock at the door from one of the men to ask if we wanted to take the car off the drive because they were going to have to take the path up to half way across our drive. We told them it was OK, we would leave the car where it was. So off the council bloke goes back to his hole. This was last Saturday, obviously they did not come out on Sunday but Monday they were back to finish their hole which now spread from half way across our drive along the front of the house, next doors gate and half way along the front of their house completely blocking them in, well it would have but they could still get through their neighbours drive . On Tuesday and Wednesday they did not show up.

Thursday came with what ever repaires they had to make and off they went again leaving the hole, and yes if your wondering they did have barriers up to stop the local kids and smack heads from falling in it (mores the shame). By this time we had walked to and from the town, down to the local shops a few times and did every school run on foot. You have no idea the amount of dog turds we have had to dodge this week. Anyway on Friday the council blokes were back to fill in the holes they had made in front of next door, leaving our hole where it was.

The hole blokes were back out this morning to fill in the rest of our hole and to put the paving stones back, we have been told to try not to drive over the new paving until tomorrow to give the cement time to set. Needless to say we will be going shopping tomorrow... In the car.

Going off topic a bit, on Thursday I went to a Volunteers Jobs fair to try and get a job, I figure if I cant get a full time permanent job I may as well get a voluntary job so I can build up some skills and maybe get a few qualifications. So, I got all suited up and walked into the hotel room where I registered with the HDVA, within an hour I had an interview appointment for 5:30 (which was a waist of time if you ask me because the woman who was supposed to interview me was running late so she took my application form and said she would call me. Yeah right like that will happen). Where was I? Ah yes, I registered with the HDVA who told me they had a couple of places I could work as a volunteer, they could also train me and get me some more qualifications, so you can imagine how surprised I was to read in the evening paper that the HDVA has had its funding stopped as of June this year (I think). So, now I am having problems getting a paid job and the only source of Volunteer work will be going in a few months time. BUGGER!!

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