Wednesday, 29 December 2010

2010 Roundup.

Only two days until the end of 2010 and what a year its been. All I can say is thank the gods its over.
So what has happened? Let's have a look. Everything was moving on as normal up until April when I lost my job, I might have been the first to be given the boot by my ex employer but from what I have heard I was not the last. As I expected (and did predict) within a week of loosing my job I started loosing friends on Facebook. Weird thing was the "friends" I lost on Facebook were those I used to work with, so you only asked to be my friend cos I worked with you? Thought so, and the "leaving gifts"? They were to ease your guilt I take it? Nothing more. It's ok Tony your not counted as one of the above, you are real not all front and bravado, you give a dam.

Anyway, I'm not at all bitter and I understand that you could not re employ me, even though you wanted to and said you would [/sarcasm]. As luck would have it a week of so after I lost my job one of the biggest employers in the area closed down, making about 80% of its staff jobless with immediate effect. Didn't want to go back there anyway but was not happy that I now had an extra 800+ people to fight against with what ever job vacancies were out there.

What else? Erm well we got a new government who have the countries and its peoples best interests at heart and are not at all solely interested in money but enough of that, there are no doubt loads of blogs out there who can explain why our government and the people running the country are jumped up, narrow minded money grabbing, lying, caniving, untrustworthy self centered, ivory tower dwelling inbreads much better than I can.

It was around this time I restarted studying Witchcraft again, something I have been doing for about 20 years or so, but had let slip for a while for one reason or another. I came out of the broom closet as a practicing witch a while later.

Moving on most of this year has been spent looking for work, in the beginning I applied for jobs I could do, office admin, customer services and the like. I think I must be registered with every employment agency in the area who, I have to say have done absolutely nothing to help. Now nearly eight month later I am applying for anything and everything and getting no where, not even a Thanks but no thanks letter.

It's not been all doom and gloom though, I'm back in touch with my eldest daughter again, this time we are going to take things nice and slowly, no pressure. On the same note I have also found out that I am a Granddad again, that's four grandchildren I have, (hi kids, yeah I'm talking about you).

Christmas came and went just as fast but we know how that went from my last post and now we find our selves here, two days before the end of the year. So I guess its resolution time, this year I am making some. So here we go.

1; The priority resolution is for me to get back into work as soon as possible.

2; I have a gut that looks like I am in my 3rd trimester so loosing the belly is a must, I am happy with my weight, at least I think I am I have not looked how heavy I am in a while, but the belly has to go.

3; More blogging, its weird but even though I am out of work I have not made a lot of posts of late, procrastination I guess. Anyway at number 3 is more blogging. 

So there you go. My round up of 2010. I would like to think that 2011 will be better, let's wait and see...

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