Thursday, 4 November 2010

Technology, you gotta love it..

So there I was playing one of those pointless farming games on Facebook when my mouse stopped moving, "no problem" I thought I will just wait until it comes back again, so I waited and waited and waited. Then I get a small speech bubble at the bottom of my screen telling me that my USB Root Hub has suffered a power surge and I needed to click the little bubble to get trouble shooting tips. I grab the mouse and move my cursor to the bubble, or at least that was the plan, I moved the mouse but the cursor stayed put just where it was. The Num lock light was out on my keyboard which was also a tad weird.

Now being an ex technical support guy I did what I would tell anybody else to do in this situation. "Turn off your computer and turn it back on again after about 5 seconds". So anyway I did just that, turned off my computer and turned it back on again. My computer took longer that usual to do something, but when it did I got an error which read something like this.

"Windows can not find any Mouse, please consult your user manual for troubleshooting tips.

Windows can not find any keyboard, please consult your user manual for troubleshooting tips.

Please press ESC to prevent this message from loading again".

And there I was pressing ESC to try and quit out of the message, until I re read the second part of the message "Windows can not find any keyboard" DUH!! My keyboard is not working. I start to rummage through my desk draw and after a couple of minutes pull out a small USB mouse and plug it in. Rebooting my computer again I manage to get the USB mouse working (woohoo) and click on the bubble which took me to a screen which told me to unplug the hardware from the hub root, which I did,I then refreshed everything and Hay Presto.... Nothing happened... 0_O *tick*.

Ok now for plan two I make a few tweets on twitter to tell everyone my keyboard and mouse have packed in and reach for the phone to order a Chinese take away (Sweet and sour King prawn.. Mmmm Nom noms) and I turn off my computer again and wonder off into the kitchen for no apparent reason, where I checked twitter "On my spare mobile" where, apart from one or two people I considered friends were laughing at my computers untimely demise I find a tweet from Mercury Vapour telling me he would pop down with a spare USB keyboard, if he still had one. (Thanks anyway Scrib :) ).

Supper arrived and was consumed by my good lady wife and my self. Once the savoury delights had been finished and the plates taken to the kitchen I turned on my desktop computer , if anything out of hope more than anything else while my laptop was booting up so I could type this post.

However... This time when my desktop came to life there was only one message saying that it couldnt find my mouse... The keyboard had pulled its self back from the brink of death. (And there was much rejoycing). I have no idea what happened, why both mouse and keyboard would dye on me and then to have my keyboard start working again... Puh.. Technology, you gotta love it... Sometimes.

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