Monday, 1 November 2010

Random thoughts

*Huh* My mobile phone has had to go back in for repair, this time the fault is the same as the last time! So Im stuck with the Samsung again. So as you can imagine Im not a happy little bunny at the moment, on a lighter note my mobile only has to go in for repair one more time (which no doubt it will, with the SAME fault) and I will be able to ask for a replacement phone of the same value. Dont get me wrong I like my mobile, or I did until it went all tard on me and kept locking up on me.

Anyway, my daughters bedroom is finished, she has been sleeping in it for about a week now. Have to admit I am kind of happy with the work I have done on it.

Just a short post for now, its homework time for the four Kids of Apocalypse.

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