Saturday, 9 October 2010

To the Countries Employers

I have been out of work now for six month, the first few weeks I have to admit were nice, time with my family, got to do the things I didn't have time to do because of work, then it was time to get back into work.

The first thing I did was get on line and re register on all the employment web sites that are available, I uploaded my updated CV and started applying for work. To start with I was applying for jobs that I wanted to do or could do, you know, Customer services, Office admin that kind of thing, I applied for an average of three to four jobs a week, more if they were there.

Six month later I am still doing the same. The only difference now is that I am applying for anything. Even Sales jobs which is something I said I would never do. I am registered with about five employment agencies and have had my CV redone by a professional company to make it look and sound better.

Yet every two weeks I have to go to the job centre and justify why I am still signing on as unemployed, its not bad enough that I have to go to a place where the people and staff regard me as someone who does not want to work when I do. I have to try and explain to kids half my age that there is no work out there to apply for.

Then there is the expectations when you find a job you can do and want to do, you apply for the job and wait, and wait, and wait only to get no reply from the company you have applied for. If I can take the time and effort to research a company and send an email or letter to them with my CV enclosed or attached then the least they can do is to reply to me, even if it is a template saying "Thank you but ... No, we dont want you".

I have over seven years worth of Customer services experience, two years of Office admin, document management and processing experience I can and will work in a stuffy office or outside in the wind and rain, can handle a computer with ease as well as a shovel and a pile of cow shite, so where is the problem?


  1. The problem obviously isn't you, but the fact that there really is no jobs to be had.

  2. Is it just me thats realised the form is UB40?

  3. x3rosoldi3r Yep its the origional dole card from waay back in the old days. You even old enough to remember them? :p

  4. Nah, never been on the dole mate. Went to sign on before, took ages to fill the stuff in and never got paid. Just got a job in a pub instead hah.