Friday, 22 October 2010

The Blood Moon

It's a full moon tonight, looking out my sitting room window I can see her and

[caption id="attachment_960" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Blood Moon                                     Blood Moon[/caption]

boy is she magnificent tonight, no the picture on the left was not taken by me, I wish it was. October's full moon is known as the Blood Moon, also known as the Shedding Moon or the Falling Leaf Moon this moon comes just before Samhain which is the Sunday after next.

Around this time of year you can feel the changes in the energies around you as the veil between our world and the Otherworlds are is at its thinnest so you should be paying more attention to your dreams, it's also a good idea to make contact with any ancestors that might have passed over.


Colors: Dark blue, black, purples
Gemstones: Obsidian, amethyst, tourmaline
Trees: Apples and yew
Gods: Herne, Apollo, Cernunnos, Mercury
Herbs: Apple blossom, pennyroyal, mint family, catnip, Sweet Annie
Element: Air

Light a candle or two and maybe leave some wine or cider and cake out as an offering for the moon. Oh and don't forget to leave nuts, fruit, sweets and some wine out next sunday for any wandering spirits that might be in your area.

Blessings Noscere )O(

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