Friday, 8 October 2010

My Mobile phone is back.

On Monday if you remember I put my mobile phone (a Nokia N97 Mini) in for repair because the touch screen and the Keyboard kept locking up on me. When I handed it in the woman in the shop told me it would probably be fixed once the firmware was updated, I had told her I had already done this and the phone still kept locking up on me. So anyway they sent my phone away to be repaired which usually means using an old phone for a week or so while its away.

Yesterday, much to my surprise I got a text message from my mobile network telling me my phone had been fixed and was back at the shop. HAZZAR! I thought to my self and headed straight over to the shop to pick it up (I was in the town anyway). When I got to the shop and after the usual who are you and what kind of phone do you have routine I was handed my phone and told "They have updated the software on your phone, you will need to re install everything but it will work just fine now" .

When I got back home and put the phone back together and went to the Ovi store to get my apps back, then later last night I reset my phone so I could access the wireless network at home so I didnt have to use the mobiles network and everything was back to normal again... Literally "Everything" as my mobile phones touch screen and keyboard locked up on me...

Im Buggered if Im taking it back to be repaired again though, no chance, I can learn to live with it.

By the way, if your interested as well as the default apps that come with the phone the apps I cant live without are:

Wordpress App for Symbian smart phones: This app lets me update my Wordpress blog where ever I am, very handy for those times when something happens that needs to be shared there and then.

Snaptu a one stop solution for all your social network and RSS needs, I use it so I can get on Twitter and Facebook but it does have a host load of more features and things.

Opera Mobile which I use instead of the default Internet browser as Opera takes up a lot less band width and uses a whole lot less of your data.

Yfrog, Yfrog is a picture add on that lets you upload pictures and photographs from your mobile to Twitter.

All of these apps you can get from the Ovi store except the wordpress app which you ill need to download on your phone and install manually, if you do get this app you will need to turn off the feature on your phone that checks the applications certificate.

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