Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Melanie Phillips V Paganism

Today has been a day to remember as the British Charity Commission have declared that Druidry is to be recognised as a religion, this puts Druidism at the same level as Christianity and is a major piece of legislation in paganism. A time to celebrate as one part of our faith is recognised.

Of course this has been met with some cynicism among some, surprisingly The Daily Mail or at least one correspondent from the mail did have something to say about this, but as the article was not edited it has painted the Daily mail in a bad way among some. The article was penned by the colomist Melanie Phillips and among other things accuses Druids of being "a bunch of eccentrics who annually dress up in strange robes". The whole article is nothing more than someone trying to find any ways and means to make the Druids and paganism as a whole look not only bad but the pass time of slightly mad and sad people who don't quite fit in with society as a whole. You can read the article here.

I personally find the whole article very offensive and would ask that people sign a petition asking for an apology from Mrs Phillips which you can find here

I'm not only asking for the Pagans, Druids, Wiccans, Witches or what ever you choose to call your selves to sign the petition, I am asking everybody to sign it, regardless of the name of your God/s. After all it could be your faith next.

Now If I had written a post like this about somebody's "religion" I would have been branded all kinds of things, I'm pretty sure it would never have been published in such a well-known News paper. But then it's not very likely that I would have published such a thing, after all I, unlike some "professional" journalists research my posts. But then what would you expect from someone who, in the past has Likened the U.S Presedent Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and suggests that the Obama administration seeks "a final solution" for Israel. It does not end there as she also believes that Obama is a Revolutionary Marxist and may be secretly a Muslim who embraced Christianity as a tactical manoeuvre to get himself elected.

She opposes civil partnerships and other rights for gay people, calling them "toxic," and arguing that "the traditional family has been relentlessly attacked by an alliance of feminists, gay rights activists, divorce lawyers and cultural Marxists who grasped that this was the surest way to destroy Western society." She argued that giving IVF fertility treatment to lesbians would "help destroy our understanding of human identity," and said the opposition to it represents "a fight back to save our civilisation

On the subject of evolution Phillips argues that Darwinism is "merely a theory". Stating "For many, the claim that evolution enabled life to cross the species barrier so that humans are merely the last link in the evolutionary chain remains a step too far — not least because, by the standards science itself sets, it fails the test of evidence. It is merely a theory".and that although many species (including man) have clearly evolved from lower life forms over time, random mutations cannot account for the evolution of the species from the amoeba, and does not explain the origins of life in the first instance.

Phillips has said of global warming that the current "warm spell is well within the normal cyclical fluctuations in temperature from century to century", that blaming "warming on mankind’s activities in producing carbon dioxide" is "utter garbage" and that the campaign to stop man-made global warming is like a "witch-hunt" and is “one of the greatest scientific scams of the modern age”. She believes environmentalists act in a fascistic manner, writing: "It was no accident that Hitler was a green." She has criticised John McCain for his environmental policies: "Anyone who endorses, as he does, the man-made global warming scam displays an alarming absence of judgment and common sense". Further comments by Phillips on the general issue of global warming include: "there is no evidence for global warming", "the ice is increasing, it is not decreasing", and "polar bears are increasing in number, and the temperature is going down, not up".

Taking all of this and probably a whole lot more I question the stability and intellect of who ever it is who employed such a person with in The Daily Mail, surely of anybody should be accused of being an eccentric it should be Melanie Phillips who clearly has some kind of issues and from what I have read her own agenda, most of it against Iraq and the Palestinians.

Note: Most of the information in this post was sourced here and in case you're wondering, No I am not a Druid, I'm a Witch...

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  1. She is appalling, witches and druids should feel proud of being attacked by her. Although I gather it is actually Ms Phillips, despite her jibes at feminism her husband has a different surname. Not that it matters either way.