Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Its the waiting

AARRGHHH, the carpet fitters were supposed to be here an hour ago to fit a new carpet on the stairs after our cats killed the last one, baby Boo is sleeping on my knee, I cant put her in her bed because the carpet fitters will wake her "when" they get here.

I am doing everything I can to stop logging into World of Warcraft, created lists for everyone I stalk follow on Twitter, sat and wondered why I got a message from the former prime minister Tony Blair in my Twitter time line when I dont even follow him. I have hidden the game I play on Facebook, well if I cant see their bookmarks I wont waist my time playing them. Erm, I have made a Facebook page for my Pagan blog. I have read the latest post from every blog I follow (which is not many).

Baby Boo is settled now, she is not too well so is a bit cranky just now. Knowing my luck the fitters will come now!...... Nope, so much for tempting fate. The worst thing is Dora the Explorer is on the TV at the other end of the room and so is the remote control to turn it off.

*Thought* Wonder if my wife would be upset if I threw my boot at the telly. Nah wouldn't look good if she came in to find a biker boot lodged in the screen. Ooh just realised I have not checked out the forums I am registered to..

.. Later Peeps :)

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