Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A Day at York

(I started this post yesterday but had to save it until now to finish, would have finished it earlier today but I have spent the day at the hospital with out youngest boy after he pushed a small rubber plug up his nose).

I have just uploaded the pictures I took on yesterdays trip to York, you can see then here. No we didnt go to the York races, we (the family minus baby Boo) descended on the fair city of York yesterday. We had promised KP our youngest son right at the start of his holidays that we would take him to the York Railway museum, he loves trains so we figured this would be a big deal for him, and it was. he loved it. We started by getting the Great Western from Hartlepool, the journey took just over an hour with no changes.

The museum is literally over the road from York railway station so getting there was easy. KP was in his element almost pee`ing himself when he saw all the trains and then to be told he could climb on them and see how they work. We must have spend about 2 hours there just looking at all the trains, we went on an old steam train as used around the 1950`s which KP loved, mainly because he prefers Steam over diesel. Probably down to him being a Thomas the Tank engine fan.

After we had eaten we left the station and the masses of wasps which hung around the outdoor eating area and made our way through the streets of York to the Jorvic Viking centre, we made out that we were going there for our 7 year old but if I am honest this was the place I was looking forward to visiting, we paid our £29 to get in and were told we could now go in free for 12 month (Cool). Things have changed a bit since I was last there, they now have what is like a cable car that takes you around the Viking village. In all we must have been in Jorvic for no more than 20 minutes when we found our selves in the gift shop and then back in Copperfield the street the centre is on. In all it was a bit of a rip off . I couldnt take any photos while I was in Jorvic, cameras are not allowed for some reason.

After being ejected from the viking centre we made our way to the regimental museum. I cant say too much about it because we were dragged around it at record speed by our eldest. One thing that did strike me as wierd was that the guy who was on the front dest did not know the name of the sight unit on top of the S.A 80 weapon. I think he seemed somewhat put out when I told him it was a Susat and what susat stood for. Well if your at the main desk of a military museum you would think you would at least know the name of the sights used on the British armys current weapon.

After the York museum which to be honest we didnt pay too much attention to as the boys were complaining that they were getting bored so we thought it best to head back to the railway station the boys were getting tired and the youngest was kind of freaked out a bit by the walk through the York prisons in the museum, and to think they wanted to go to the Dungeons, yeh like that was going to happen.

After about half an hour we got to the station  only to find out that we had a two hour wait for our train. Burger King time. have to admit the two hour wait did go rather fast and before we knew it the train was there and we were on our way back home.

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