Saturday, 7 August 2010

The Tall Ships 2010

If you had asked me this morning what my thoughts were about the Tall ships 2010 I would have told you about how it is alleged to have cost Hartlepool council £80,000 to just about cover the town in double yellow lines, I would have also pointed out how the Headland has been turned into a residents only parking area, I would have went on to ask if it was possible for Hartlepool to turn a profit once the amount spent had been deducted.

I have been back from the Tall ships just over an hour now and I can say, judging by the amount of people there turning a profit out of this event will not be a problem.

I have never seen so many people on the marina "ever" or around its surrounding areas for than matter. The crowd in the picture stretched as far as the eye can see in every direction. There were people from all over the world judging by the accents and languages I heard as we walked around so I figure the local businesses in the area will be definitely making a profit over the next few days.

As with most events of this size there has to be the obligatory fair which if I am honest was a tad overpriced for what it was at around £2.50 per person per ride (the decent rides are £3.00) but I guess thats the way of the world now and going on fairground rides for 50p is a thing of the past.

Anyway as well as all the tall ships and the fair we also had stalls which sold just about everything you can think of, well just about. The Headland side of the event is were you find all the stalls and tents, there are food stalls from just about every corner of the globe (including a curry stall Scribbler I think... And if there is not one there should be as just about every known culture was there). All in all it is a good experience and one I would do again, well except for some of the rides I went on with my boys, maybe next time we could see if our kiddy winks could stay with their Nana so we could have a proper look at the stalls (one had a black hat on which I have to say has caught my eye).

If I were to give any advice for those planning on going to the Tall ships I would say take plenty of money with you you will need it or failing that take your own food and drink otherwise you could end up paying upto £4.00 for a cheese burger and £2.00 for a bottle of water. Oh and if your planning on taking in the whole event I would definitely advise wearing some old comfortable shoes as some of the areas you will visit are just dust and cinder paths as you can see from my boots.

The boots were black when I left the house this morning. To end with I will leave you with some of the pictures I managed to take of our day. Just so you know Baby Boo has had a chewy day and spent most of it being carried by yours truly so I didnt take as many pictures as I would have liked to. But here are some that I did manage to take.

I am planning on taking more photo`s when we go back in a day or so.


  1. Yeah I went too.
    250k people on the Saturday, 500k on the Sunday. It was pretty hectic like.
    I had to park near Tesco too!

  2. We walked down, were there most of the day, we are hoping to get back over tonight because Echo and tthe Bunnymen are playing, havnt seen them since, well since I was your age lol

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