Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Not tonight

I was planning on doing some path working tonight in the hope of revisiting my Spirit guide, seems it was not meant to be, not tonight anyway. My daughter is not too well and I dont want to start anything if there is a chance she might wake up again. Just like she has now.

Instead I decided to look around for other blogs which follow a similar theme to this one, I have found a few which I will read when I can. One who is covering the Celtic paths, a tradition I am close to.

What I did notice earlier tonight was how similar the meditation I was going to use tonight is to an old Wiccan meditation I found and used years ago in a book by Kisma Stepanich. So Im thinking about using her meditations where I can because I am comfortable with them and from what I have noticed her work is almost the same as the teachings in the Northern traditions book I am reading just now.

*Grins* I can see me having two or three books on the go at the same time here.

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