Thursday, 26 August 2010

Newcastles Dr Who Exhibition

A few days ago we took the kids to Newcastle to see the Dr Who exhibition at the Life centre. It took about an hour to get there on the train but the centre was literally just around the corner when we got there. After looking around for a bit we took the kids into the Dr Who exhibition. If Im honest it was a bit of a waist of time because almost right away our 5 year old and our 7 year old decided they were scared of the exhibits and that was about it really, we zipped round it in about 10 minutes stopping only to play with K9.

I did manage to get some pictures but it wasnt easy with a 7 year old clinging to you screaming that he wanted to get out. Funny thing is Boo moth our 14 month old loved it, she was all full of smiles and giggles.

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