Sunday, 4 July 2010

Why I like Summer

A few weeks ago I joined a site called Plinky after seeing a write up on Basicly every day Plinky will ask you a question or give you a task, the idea is you write a post on Plinky about said task. I joined in the hope that it would give me some things to write about in my blog.

One of the tasks Plinky set was to write a post about your thoughts on Summer and why you like it. So here we go.

I dont like summer, cant stand it. In Spring, Autumn and winter if your too warm you take your jumper off, if your too cold you put one on, simples. In summer you dont have that option, if your too warm you deal with it, turn the fan on, open a window. You could go out side in the hope that there is a small breeze to cool you down for a moment but thats it. Your doomed to a feeling of being sticky and sweaty all day and night. Even after a shower your back to the same discomfort within ten minutes.

I am an Autumn person. Boo my daughter has the middle name of Autumn. I just love the colour of the leaves, everything is a golden brown, there is a hive of activity from wild life as it readys its self for the coming winter and the best bit is its cooler. Even the word Autumn is a joy to write, everything just flows.

So there you have it, my first Plinky orientated post. (What? You thought  I would write something nice and expected of me. Puhh)

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