Friday, 30 July 2010

Tresemme Stops Your Hair Growing?

There are two adverts being run at the moment by Tresemme hair products. In one what looks like the police or some government agency are questioning a woman about "steeling the sun". Its obvious she is innocent after all where is she going to hide a burning mass with a diameter of 1,390,000 km and a surface heat of 5800 k (k= Kelvin. 0 Kelvin is absolute zero; H2O melts at 273 K (= 0° C = 32° F); H2O boils at 373 K (= 100° C = 212° F)) .

But this is not why I am typing this at 00:46 am,  instead of going to bed. In the second advert where a red headed woman is being asked the last time she had her hair done she replies something like "6 months ago, check your appointments", but as the camera pans out you can notice she has no regrowth, no roots. Bearing in mind that human hair grows at roughly 1.25 cm per month she should have at least three inches of root showing.

There for your honor I say that the red head is the guilty party as it is obvious that she is either lying and has had her hair recoloured within the last week or so or Tresemme have uncovered the formula which stops hair growth.

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