Monday, 26 July 2010

Telegraph Headline Error

Maybe its just me but I have been thinking that Nosceres World has started off on rather a down note with the first five articles I have posted being of a rather serious nature. To remedy this and to lighten the tone I have decided to create an award which I will give to companies and or people in the public eye for cock ups or acts which defy any level of human stupidity.

To get the ball rolling I would like to start by awarding this, well award to the for their story about a huge file of classified papers which have been leaked onto the internet, this has been described as one of the biggest leaks in US military history.

My reasons for giving this award to the Telegraph and not America is simples, as a blogger I am only too aware that spelling is everything when writing something which is going to be in the public domain and I feel the reporter who first wrote this article as well as the editor and the countless members of staff who helped in the airing of this story should have spotted a slight typo. Lets see if you can.

You can read the actual article here. On a related note if anybody out there can come up with a name for this award I would be grateful as I would like to make this a regular feature in Nosceres world.


  1. If its IT related, the PEBKAC award. Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair :)

  2. Ah but the awards may not be all IT related :)

  3. Ding of the day :)
    Mong of the moment?

  4. Dang, I'm coming up blank. You could always call it the Fghan award for the first f/u. ~shrug~