Friday, 23 July 2010

Does the British justice system work?

It seems that once again the great British justice system is being questioned by those it is supposed to protect. This week we heard that a person who is supposed to represent the law can kill someone for walking home from work with his hands in his pockets and get away with it, yes I'm talking about Pc Simon Harwood who struck Mr Tomlinson, 47 with his  baton and pushed him to the ground on the fringes of G20 demonstrations in the city of London on April 1 last year. Mr Tomlinson was found dead minutes later.

The CPS released Pc Simon Harwood without charge yesterday due to conflicting evidence given by three autopsies on Mr Tomlinson. It is said that the first autopsy gave a verdict of "Death by natural causes after a heart attack" while the second and third autopsies gave different verdicts. For some reason best known to the CPS they have not discredited the first autopsy after it was released that the doctor who performed it is under investigation and may be struck off the medical register for malpractice or so ITN news reports.

The family of Mr Ian Tomlinson are saying that there has been a coverup, of course I can not agree with them. After all our police force are there to protect us. They would not cover anything like this up, they would not lie to us.. Would they?

Hmm. Just as well it's not common knowledge that Pc Harwood had actually retired from the Met on medical grounds way back in 1990, of course Im not saying he retired to avoid the disciplinary action for misconduct after a road rage incident were he was accused of using excessive force being taken against him. Do I sence some slight anger issues here? Nah if that was the case then surely there would be complaints about his behaviour while on duty during his time at Surrey in 2004... Oh there was? Source

No there is nothing at all to question about the British justice system after all if the CPS give you a life sentence then you know your going to spend the rest of your life in prison. No hang on thats America where Life means life sorry, over here you can kill a child, be sentenced to life and only serve eight years and then get your name changed be given a whole new identity as well as relocating you under something akin to the Witness protection program so that you can pose as a 35-year-old Mother called Dawn who regularly abuses her eight year old daughter and tries to sell her on the internet for other pedophiles to abuse in return for pictures of children as young as two being abused just like the child killer formally known as Jon Venables who contacted a known pedophile called Leslie Blanchard from Chelmsford and did just this.

But hey the CPS have caught up with Mr Venable and he has been imprisoned for a grand total of... Wait for it... 2 years. No doubt he will be released in time for Christmas.

No the Great British Justice system works just fine.

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