Thursday, 22 July 2010

BNP Leader Banned from Buckingham Palace

All righty then lets hit the ground running, I like to think that I am a pretty friendly guy, I can take and accept most types of people, there are some however I have no time for. People who think they are something special because they have money or who are in a position of power and racists. The one good thing about these types is when they have a fall from grace they don't arf make a mess.

One such fall was taken today by the BNP (British National Party) leader Mr Nick Griffin who a while ago received an invite from the Queen to attend one of her garden parties due to him being a member of the EU. Of course Mr Griffin being an upstanding and respected member of the community understood that he was not allowed to use the invite to further his political career in any way at all and because he understood this he didnt make a post on his blog which did just this, whats more he was not being interviewed twice on live TV today about his invite and how it was going to help him and the BNP get more members... Oh, crap hang on he did.

What was even better though was when the Queen found out that Mr Griffin had been on GMTV talking about the party, she also found out about the latest post on his blog (which I am not going to link due to him being a racist low life). Anyway when the Queen found out about this she cancelled his invitation and banned him from Buckingham Palace.

Being the type of guy he is Mr Griffin managed to be caught by the press and once again interviewed, this time on his thoughts about being banned. Of course Mr Griffin could not directly blame the Queen so instead laid the blame on the Con Dem government who he claimed "put pressure on the Queen to cancel his invite". Erm,,, No Nick it was the Queen who banned you of her own volition, not Tweedle dumb and Tweedle dee.

Lets face it while Im on the subject, Griffin only received an invite because he is a political party leader, it's not like she actually likes you or thinks that the BNP actually has anything of value to say. You know what the best bit is? You know that everybody who attended the garden party would have been talking about it while eating their crust-less cucumber sandwiches and Victoria sponge.

You got to feel for them really don't you? Silly little racists.

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