Monday, 12 July 2010

A Grand Day Out

On Saturday just gone we did the typical British thing and packed the kiddywinks into the car and set off to their school, after dropping Boo moth off at her Nana`s we got to the school for around 8:30, the coach was due to pick everybody up at 9:00.

Come 9am the coach was there just as planned, we left our hand luggage on the side of the road to be packed into the space under the bus and we all climbed aboard. After a quick head count we all set off, all 42 of us. Out of that around 10-12 were adults the rest were children of various ages so you can imagine the buzz of excitement that spread through the coach as we set off on what would be a 2 hour journey to Scarbrough.

The journey took us through the North Yorkshire moors, pictures below. The picture would have been better but in our wisdom we chose to sit in seats were the double glazed coach windows had condensation between them, so this was going to be about as good as they got, maybe if we had sat in a better place I would have taken a lot more pictures, there were plenty of opportunities as two hours of coach trip passed us by. I did find some slight tech amusement on the journey as I managed to log into Facebook and Twitter on my mobile phone in the middle of the moors.

Before anybody leaves a comment about "Stick to the roads lads, stay clear of the moors" Or mention the Slaughtered lamb pub I will give you a little bit of trivia from the movie where those previous quotes came from namely An American Wearwolf in London. In the Sceine were David and Jack are walking through the moors they are in fact no where near the Yorkshire moors, they were walking in Hay Bluff in Hereforshire, UK  and in Crickadarn, Wales location of  the Slaughtered lamb pub, the movie never went anywhere near Yorkshire or its moors. So there you go, oh in case your interested I got all the information above from here.

We also passed through Whitby the place that gave Bram Stoker  inspiration for his book, Dracula but I'm not going into that right now.

Even though the trip was two hours long without any stop offs we managed to get there without any kids (to my knowledge) needing to go to the loo. When we finally got to Scarbrough we separated into groups and made our separate ways, our group heading for the beach of course which was about a twenty minute walk. On our way we stopped off at a small fish cafe. After a plate of that old English classic of fish and chips which came to £28 for two adult meals and three kids meals, oh some "small" glassed of pop and two cups of tea. If I'm honest our local chip shop does better.

Stopping off at a small seaside shop for buckets and spades for the kids we crossed the road and made our way along the sea front to the sandy bit. At about 200 meters from the sea front my wife saw Embarrassing bodies presenter Dr Christian Jessen and once again there were squeals of joy, this time from my wife and her friend as they giggled and told each other how lovely he is, untill they saw the TV camera in front of them filming the doctor. At this point they both looked at their feet and shuffled uncomfortably past the camera this time to the sound of me giggling like a little kid. Seems the Embarrassing bodies road show was in the area filming. Anyway we made it to the beach, I stayed on the beach with our kids, my wife's friends kids and another of my wife's friends while my wife went off to look at the shops with her friend Nat.

All but two of our little gang made a bee line for the sea, the other two preferring to just play in the sand. Needless to say our eldest was back in less than 5 minutes soaked through to the skin. The usual big sand castle was built with the obligatory water filled moat surrounding it. Plenty of pictures were taken mainly of my kids backs because the little buggers kept turning round. Then before we knew it it was time to make our way back to the bus and another two hour drive home.

Ok I think I have rambled on enough for this one so here area few pictures I took of the day, of course non of them are of my cherubs or the cherubs of our friends.

[caption id="attachment_2346" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Bloody car getting in the way"][/caption]

Ok two pictures of the day, seems the rest of the pictures I took were of our children. Oh well. The day was enjoyed by all and what was even better was my Tonsillitis was just about all gone so I could eat and drink without any pain.

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