Saturday, 26 June 2010

Where does the time go?

Its hard to believe that one year ago yesterday or to be exact  one year ago at 11:28 pm last night our daughter Boo moth was born. One year old yesterday. Its weird I can still remember pacing the bedroom floor for hours on end in the dead of night trying to get her settled. Seems like only yesterday.

At the moment she is sat in her walker, no not the one in the picture, I just put that there so you lot knew what I ment by a baby walker.

Anyway at the moment she is sat in her baby walker playing with some rattly hoops that stack up. Of course Tree frog (TF) her big brother is there to show her how to do it, just so she knows what she is supposed to do. It is not at all an excuse for him to play with his little sisters birthday presents at all.. No its not, honest. Just like last night when Boo fell asleep in my arms and TF decided to find out what her new musical thing with a microphone attached could do, so he could show her what to do and for no other reason, thats his excuse and he is sticking to it.

Yesterday was a busy day, after we got the boys off to school it was off to Asda to get a few bits in with just enough time for a coffee before we were off to the school for TF`s school sports day. The sports day was in the theme of Nursery rhymes, each type of sport the teams did was based around a popular rhyme. Of course everybody who took part in the event received a meddle.

I cant help thinking that if the past year passed this fast then Boo is going to be up and running and inviting her brothers to Princess tea parties before we know it.

Cal our eldest starts senior school in September, Geez even that seems to have descended on us out of no where. I can still remember him curled up on a quilt in the corner of the sitting room (when he was a baby and up until he was around the same age as Boo he was not easy to settle on a night shall we say, it was not unusual for him to still be awake at 11-12 at night. Funny, his little sister is exactly the same).

Then there is me, 11 years ago I was well, lets just say 11 years younger. Today I have a bit of a belly on me that I must get rid of, I popped something in my arm a few month ago and have been told that I have tennis elbow now, I might have Heal spur and I have masses of grey hair. If I carry on the way I am going at the moment I am going to be totally grey by the time Boo starts school.. Bugger.

Still dont get where Im going with the where did the time go thing? Let me put it like this, it was one year ago yesterday that Micheal Jackson died.

Its weird, when I was a kid the summer holidays seemed to last for ever and now eleven years has passed in the blink of an eye. That reminds me... I must get my eyes tested again.....


  1. Time flies incredibly fast so that we become old way before we know it.
    Happy Birthday Boo!

  2. Congratulations to everyone!!!!!

    It is hard to to slow everything down...