Saturday, 19 June 2010

Its Spam Jim.. But not as we know it....

Spam, Wikipedia defines it as "the use of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately." Well electronic spam anyway. Source We also have the canned meat which is also spam but alot tastier (especially when its fried). Today however I want to talk about the electronic variety, or rather the IQ of those who send it.

The reason I am questioning the IQ of the Spammers is twofold, first off I think I need to question whether those who write the spam comments on our blogs realy think about what they are writing and where they are writing their comment. Today or rather this morning I opened up my blog dashboard to see I had a spam comment and found proof that spammers or spam bots dont think when I read this,

"thanks for the post. I am very happy to read this post. . . . ."

OK fare enough I thought until I noticed that the comment was on the post I made about the death of Dennis Hooper. Not very appropriate dude....

Moving on, as you know Im out of work at the moment. As part of my getting back into work plan I am registered with about six Job finding websites, you know the kind , and to name three. These sites are great at listing all the latest job vacancies throughout the country, you can apply for any jobs you find on these sites with a click of a link, simples, oh but wait this post is about spam, not a problem as these websites will also email you if a job that meets your needs comes up in your area.

They also email you if any highly skilled jobs that you are not qualified for or that do not meet you needs become vacant in any other location in the country. As you can see from the picture below.

The picture above is a screen shot taken of an email I got from a Job search website, I get maybe two or three of these a day. Unfortunately there is one thing that these sites have neglected to take into account, if their systems ever send these emails as per the registered persons criteria they would know that apart from one of the vacancies listed above I am "not" qualified for any of these jobs, not even a little bit, whats more if they had bothered to check my membership details they would have noticed that I live in the North of England which is at the other end of the country to London and at least 2-300 miles away from any of the locations were these jobs or any other jobs they tell me about are.

In ending although these Job search sites are useful in getting a person back into work, their emails are spam, well unless you happen to be an out of work Programmes manager who lives in Knutsford.

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