Friday, 4 June 2010

A day on the rocks

Yesterday was a kind of busy day for us, my wife got a text message from the leader of one of the groups one of our son`s goes to telling us to be by the pool at 11. So off we set. We were running a bit late once we got everything organised but we got there.

Little Boo moth was sleeping in her pram but the boys were over the moon when they realised were we were.

The sandy bit was another five minutes walk. Hard to believe that the picture was taken just along from what the locals call the Pee pool in the Headland. Im not sure but I think I can guess why they call it the Pee pool, when we got there, there was a paddling pool which was teaming with kids and we all know what kids do in swimming pools.. Dont we?

If you look on the horizon of this picture you can just make out our Nuclear Power station which is at the start of the industrial and chemical zone we live in.

Anyway we stayed for a few hours collecting crabs which had no abnormalities at all), everything was fun and games until we lost one of the boys, he just wandered off and started playing with a random family he had never met. We were panic stricken. I know I had images of seeing him lying in a rock pool somewhere. We did find him after about 10 minutes and boy did he get strips tore off him.

Anyway about an hour later baby Boo moth started getting chewy so we made or way back home after stopping of at Burger king of course. In all except from the part were we lost one of the boys it was a most enjoyable day and what made it better was that if we had have got that text message just over a month earlier I would not have been there with my boys to help them look for crabs and other rock pool critters.

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