Monday, 10 May 2010

Not Infront Of My House!

Its ten days since I lost my job, I have managed to keep my self busy in an attempt to stay away from the evils of Day time tv. The first few days were weird, I kept thinking that I was going to work on the following monday, even to the point were I was thinking about what I was going to take in for my lunch only to remember that I didnt work there any more.

You would think that not working would free up a load of time for me, about 40 hours a week worth not counting travelling time but you would be wrong, no sooner have the boys been packed off to school than its time to pick them up again.Finding things to do has not been a problem as my dogs found out over the weekend when Nasha my grizzly terrier found out when I turned 
him from a kind of cloud with legs as you can see below.

Into a dashing and somewhat lighter version of his former self (Pictured below). You would be surprised at how much hair lil` Nash was carrying, we are still finding little clumps that managed to escape the clean up that ensued afterwards.

Moving on, after the boys were dropped at school this morning my wife and I went to get our weekly shop sorted out, Boo moth was strapped into her car seat and off we went. The shop went without any thing happening that was even worthy of a twitter never mind a post. Well.. Not until we returned home to find that the Roadworks department of our local council had decided in their wisdom to put one of those digital speed signes up. Outside our house. The picture on theleft is what greeted us as we pulled the car onto our drive, with the path on the other side of our drive pilled up against the wall.  What you cant see is that the sign is right outside of our sitting room window so that once it is up all we would see is the sodding sign if we looked out of said window.

Well that would have been the case if I had not called the council and politely asked that the move the sign away from the front of our house as we have enough of their crap there all ready. About fifteen minutes later a rather weedy looking bloke who wouldn't look out of place operating the Fryer in a McDonalds knocked at our door to ask where we would prefer the sign be put.

Now if a council official were to say something like that to you what would you say? :D Yup.. So did we, about 20 minutes later employees from said Road works department arrived and removed the sign. We did call back again to say that we did not want the sign anywhere near our house and were told that it would not be. The Council guy ended the call by asking that we did not shout at the guys who were moving the sign. (As if we would do anything like that).

So, moving on that filled a little bit of my day with a smile. Thats your lot for now, I need to do a bit more job hunting...

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