Thursday, 13 May 2010

My First Interview of 2010

Yesterday afternoon I set off to Stockton to have the first interview since I lost my job last month. I was up until well after 12 the night before making sure that I had everything ready, clothes laid out, shoes all shinny and clean. I even googled the address so I could print off a map, that way I would know exacly how to get there.

Anyway 12 o`clock came and my wife gave me a lift to the train station, didnt have to wait too long and I was on the train and on my way to my interview. The train journey was uneventful with me being delivered to Stockton in plenty of time. Leaving the station I put my hand in my jacket pocket for the map I had printed off the night before... Yup.. You guessed it, the map was safe and sound on the table at home. With just over one hour to go until my interview and no idea were it was or how to get there. I have to admit I did mutter a few choice words (most of them having no more than four letters in them). I walked to the High street and as luck would have it passed a drop in centre, so I went in and did something most men are thought not to do.. I asked for directions.

Still wracked with panic I made my way in the direction the advisor behind the desk gave me. After what seemed like hours I finally made it to the building and my interview, with 20 minutes to spare might I add.

The interview was held in two parts with the first being role play, the second part was the awkward questioning you get at most interviews. In all both interviews lasted about an hour and a half. With the interviews over I left the building handing my visitors pass back to the security guard.

The wait at the station seemed to go on for ever but the train came and I finally got back home for about 6 in the evening.

Moving on to today, I got a call from the agency who were vetting the interviewees at about 5:30 this evening to let me know that the interview I was at yesterday had a pass mark of 20 and that I got a mark of 19, I was told that it was my role play that let me down. I didnt get the job. Maybe its just as well as the travelling time would probably mean me not getting back home until after 9 at night.

Never mind, I was going to call them anyway and tell them I could not take the job because of the distance I would have to travel and the cost. Better luck next time, Im going to have to look for work closer to home though, until I learn how to drive.

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