Thursday, 6 May 2010

Its Election Day

The day has finally arrived were we the common people get to say which thieving self righteous bigots we want to ruin run our once great country. I have not taken the time to vote yet but I will be later on today.. And thats about as political as I intend to get, well.. Unless the party that I vote for does not get in then I think I might have a few choice words to say.

As some of you might know I lost my job last week. After taking afew days to get my head round what has happened I have started looking for work again, no messing about this time. I intend to get back into work asap. I have aleady applied for two jobs and have three calls I need to make, which if my counting hand is working means I will have applied for uurm five jobs so far today.

My wife has gone out for the morning and now that baby Boo is sleeping I am going to get some bits done around the house.

So I guess this is a short post..

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