Wednesday, 14 April 2010

New Phone Time

Yes I am still alive, I know I have not posted anything for way too long but things have been kind of manic at home what with one thing and another.

Dont you hate it when you start a post by apologizing for not posting? Anyway unless you have been living in a bubble for the last few months you will know that its election time here in good old Blighty, those of you who know me will no doubt be expecting some kind of sarcastic input during these trying times. I hate to upset anyone but I am going to take a back seat on this one, well on its jims anyway.

Moving on, Over the weekend my wife and I decided that the time had come for our mobile phone contracts to either be cancelled or upgraded. I called our mobile phone provider who shall remain nameless as I don’t run a blog so that I can advertise for Vodafone or other corporate brands which I use all the time like Pepsi Max and Relentless the Daddy of energy drinks. Mmm I feel ready to take on anything now, thanks Relentless. Anyway after looking at the different mobiles that we could upgrade to, coupled with the idea that we both wanted an Iphone, I called the upgrades department and told them what I wanted. Im sure the "very unhelpful" guy at the end of the phone giggled as if to say "Noo chance".

I was told that to get the phone we wanted we would have to have our price plan raised from £25 a month to around £40 a month and we would have to pay £99 per phone on the account. I smiles graciously and told him I would need to have a chat with my good lady wife and would call him back. I put down my phone and wandered back into the sitting room and told my wife what was said, telling her I thought we should cancel our accounts and look for a different network, she agreed and an email telling said network we wanted to cancel was sent.

Yesterday we got a call from the cancellations department asking us why we wanted to cancel; my wife took the call and explained what had happened. The guy on the other end of the phone asked my wife what it was we wanted. I am assuming the conversation went something like this.

My Wife: "We wanted two Nokia N97 Mini’s with unlimited text, internet and calls. Oh and we don’t want to pay more that £30 a month"

Guy from Cancellations: "OK. I can have your phones delivered by.. Tomorrow?"

I have no idea why we couldn’t have had this all done and sorted out on Saturday when I called but anyway its done now.
Ok so the reason I have shared this with you lot is once the phones are delivered and have all the settings sorted out, because of the type of phone it is I will be able to blog from anywhere, all I will need is a network signal or a connection to a wireless network. I’m going to have a look around to see if I can find a blogging application that will let me update this place while I’m not in front of my computer, meaning if I see something worth blogging about while Im out and about I can take the photo and have it on my blog with in minutes. Oooh the power.

With any luck the phones are due to be delivered today, my wife has said she is going to put them both on charge as soon as they turn up which means by the time I get home from work my phone will be ready to set up. Lets see now, I need to set it up for my blogs, Facebook, Twitter and my emails, I think that’s it. Geez I remember when you could only use a mobile phone for making phone calls and that was it.

Thats it for now, with any luck the next post you will see will be made from my new shiny mobile so expect some random junk while I figure it out.

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