Friday, 30 April 2010

Having The Final Say...

You know when you think that everything is fine and dandy then, out of the blue you find out its not?

I know that my boss` will be expecting me to lay in to them and the company I worked for up until today after I was told on Monday gone that they were terminating my contract as of the end of this week. I could say I had no idea they were not happy with me or the work I did, or how usually if your employer has any issues with you then you are advised of these issues and so able to address them, which did not happen. Well...
If you are my boss and your reading this, waiting for me to bad mouth your company, the members of your company or even you, your out of luck because it aint gonna happen.

I will say that what happened on Monday was a big shock, I had no idea. I thought everything was ok. Well obviously it wasn’t. The worst thing about it all is that I actually liked my job, I enjoyed going to work. I have to say that I am going to miss going to work, not for the "being in a job" aspect but, that I am actually going to miss working for my last employer.

One of the hardest things I am having to come to terms with and have had to try and put to one side this week is the feeling of loss, like the loss you would feel when you loose a good friend. During the year and a half I worked for my last employer I have seen people leave for other jobs or complain about how crap the job was, saying they were going to put their notice in. This was something that had never even crossed my mind.

Its weird, its not the prospect of being out of work or having to look for another job, or even the loss of self worth that I am likely to come across while I look for another job that I am finding upsetting, its the idea that I wont be working for my last employer any more.

Anyway enough of this self pity, it is self destructive and wont get me my job back. I am well aware that once this has been published part of the post will be cross posted to my Facebook wall letting my "friends" know I have made another post. So to those of you who are my friends and those of you who I called work colleagues up until today I have a few messages. (As is usual the names have been changed to protect the innocent)

To Eye ball, Good luck with your studio, I know you will be the next Miami ink.
The Ashley’s on the top table. Erm, Hi... Well I never really spoke with you lot anyway as I was not in your little clicky gang, but hey you got a mention anyway, Yay
To Clomper, forget free Wednesday, just drink the freaking booze woman, you know you want to.
X3ro, Good luck with your new Iphone, lets hope it lasts a bit longer then your last one, oh, and I still think you look like Richard Hammond.
Tuck shop lady, please get some decent chocolate in from time to time.
Mr Skeletor, You need to eat pork pies and kebabs otherwise you will never get a man card.
To the Jew, why are you looking at the calorie content on the chocolate bar? You know your gonna eat the bugger regardless, oh and watch out for  Tards and the Tank Huggers.
The Mighty Tiberius, Stop talking to your food, it’s never going to answer you.
Finally to The Radio master, Radio 1 is by far a superior station. Good luck with your baby when "he" comes and please cut down on the High school musical stuff when he gets here, its cruel and unusual to subject a boy to that kind of inane drivel.

By to time you have finished reading this I will be sat at home drinking a large vodka while wondering what do I do next.

Just so you know this post was typed out in advance and scheduled to be published at 4:15 pm, by which time I will be turning off my computer and signing out for the last time.

To Be Continued.........

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  1. Holy crap Jim, definitely a bomb dropped in your lap. I'm sorry and I hope you find something quickly.